Panel Sessions

Day 1
11 Nov 2019
Day 2
14 Nov 2019

Opening Session

Marcus Maia, Miguel Oliveira Jr., Bruna Franchetto, Anari Braz Bomfim, Marcia Nascimento Kaingang

Marcus Maia
Miguel Oliveira Jr.
Bruna Franchetto
Anari Braz Bomfim
Marcia Nascimento Kaingang

Closing Session

The Yaathe language: A report of an experience and life story – Fábia Fulni-ô (UFAL)

Exchanging views: strategies for language maintenance and revitalization in Brazil and Canada – Suzi Lima (University of Toronto)

Heritage languages, linguistic obsolescence and motivations for learning in the context of indigenous school education: reflections, doubts and challenges – Ana Vilacy Galucio (Goeldi Museum/Federal University of Pará)

Grassroot approaches to connecting family and school in indigenous language revitalisation – Arianna Berardi-Wiltshire

Fábia Fulni-ô
Ana Vilacy Galucio
Suzi Lima
Arianna Berardi-Wiltshire