Bruna Franchetto

Bruna Franchetto


Bruna Franchetto is a Full Professor in both the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Anthropology (National Museum) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), from which she received her PhD in Social Anthropology in 1986. Since 1977, her linguistic and ethnological research has focused on the Kuikuro and other varieties of the Upper Xingu Carib Language (Southern Amazonia). At the Museu do Índio (FUNI, Rio de Janeiro), she is the scientific coordinator of ProDoclin (Program for the Documentation of Indigenous Languages) since 2009. Her broader interests include: translation (from and to indigenous languages), ethnopoetics, genesis and impact of writing and literacy in native languages, multilingualism and linguistic ideologies, the relation between language and music in songs and chanted speech, verbal arts and gender. Current projects include the final stages of development of a broad descriptive grammar and an encyclopedic dictionary of Kuikuro. Since 2014, she is responsible for collaborative projects on the revitalization of Guató (isolate), Yawanawa (Pano), and Patxohã (Macro Jê). She also coordinates the Center for Linguistic Research (Postgraduate Program in Social Anthropology, National Museum, UFRJ) and the Group of Studies in Linguistics and Anthropology (CNPq):

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11 Nov 2019
Auditório da Biblioteca do Horto, Museu Nacional, Quinta da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro